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Cheri Roth is a workshop & retreat leader trained

through the Oasis Ministries program in learning to

develop and lead Contemplative centered gatherings.

If you are looking for a contemplative centered

workshop or retreat focused around a particular topic

for your organization, Cheri can design and lead a program

customized to fit the needs of your group. Please call Cheri

at 717-701-2003 or email her at

Retreats are at least 4 or more hours long (usually a full

day program). They have a more spacious feel with individual

retreat space of silence and reflection interwoven within the

planned program and generally a shared lunch time.



Workshops are generally around 2.5 hours in length.                                     Can't see the Upcoming Workshops & Retreats? Click Here​

They are still from a contemplative approach, but fit easier into busy lives.



Intergenerational Workshops are oriented towards all ages working together and will be 2 hours in length. Each workshop will focus on a different aspect of the spiritual life and making a creative artistic expression together. This is a great activity for parents, grandparents, great   grandparents, and their children and grandchildren to participate together. Children MUST be accompanied by an adult in order to participate. Young children under the age of 5 should have one adult per child for safety.


The Intention of all Workshops and Retreats is to create and hold a contemplative atmosphere for all participants; guiding all in learning to bring their own Mind, Body, and Spirit to “Quiet”. Cheri's goal for her ministry is to offer creative spaces as a Spiritual Entry way into healing and wholeness for others.



Contemplative Retreats Embody…




        … not marked by the ticking of the clock

          … but by the Expanse of Breathable Stillness…


     … A Sacred Holy Space

        … not for hiding self

          … but for Emerging of the Whole Self…


     …A Holy Meal for the Soul

        … not a feeding trough of ideas

          … but Tender Morsels to Relish…


      …Refreshment of Mind, Body, Spirit

        … not in filling

          ... but in Emptying...


~ Cheri Roth

Workshops & Retreats

Photograph by Cheri Roth

Photograph by Cheri Roth




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