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Cheri Roth is trained by The Grief Recovery Institute® as a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® and has taken a course at Lancaster Theological Seminary on ministering to those who are dying and their families.


Combining this knowledge with her own firsthand experience of losing loved ones, she can tailor her Reiki, Spiritual Direction sessions or Retreats to help people process their own grief. Her hope is that this will allow the bereaved to let their loved ones and themselves move on.

“We all experience loss in our lives and we truly can find ‘Joy in the Mourning’ if we face our grief and grow from the experience it brings us!"


                                                                                                                                                                                - Cheri Roth


Grief Work can be done in the context of a Reiki Session, Spiritual Direction Session, or a combination of a Reiki/Spiritual Direction. Occasional workshops will be offered which focus on Grief. Click on the following links for Spiritual Direction Sessions or Reiki Sessions.


If you are looking to work intently through your grief patterns or are searching for

help with how to talk with children about loss; you might want to check out:


The Grief Recovery Method® One on One Program 


The Grief Recovery Method® When Children Grieve Program


The Grief Recovery Method® page. Click here.




Redefining One's Life


The death of a loved one tends to change the direction of one’s life.

I have traveled roads I never dreamt I would journey on.


In the face of my late husband’s death, so many doors have closed

to me in the life I once lived. In processing through my own grief

and loss I have been redefining my life and my ‘new calling’ of

ministry to others.


Through years of ‘Being’ with people in their pain as a pastor’s wife

and in sharing a good pot of tea, I’ve discovered that the doors of

hospitality open to ‘BE’ with another. The hospitality of ‘Being Present’

with another sojourner of Life, leads both past formalities and into the

contemplation of the Spirit.

May you be open to the Blessings and all the Possibilities that surround

you each day, no matter where your day finds you! One by one, we can

make this world a better place when we start with ourselves!!


                                                                                              - Cheri Roth




A Meditation





Such JOY fills an old Rowboat

Meandering down a Winding Still River

On closer Observation

JOY is not Alone

For it is Bound

Hand in Hand

Arm in Arm

Life to Life


True JOY can never really be Experienced to its Greater Depths

If SORROW is not JOY’S Partner


Pain Consumes and is Relentless

It is only in Facing and Entering into the Rawness of SORROW

Can Release be Found in JOY

While we are Unsuspecting and Wallowing in our Pain


with All the Brilliant Colors of Life

Surprises us and Blesses us

With an Overabundance of JOY in Unexpected Places

It is a Mystery how these Two can Coexist

Yet all we can do is Hold both Gently




Cheri Roth 9/8/10 (written after a meditation on an Awakened Heart)





Grief Work

Photograph by Cheri Roth

Photograph by Cheri Roth

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