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The Enneagram is an ancient spiritual tool used by spiritual directors, of many faith traditions, to offer guidance to their directees in their journey to Wholeness. It is based on 9 Personality Types and how each operates in the world. Each of us works out of one of the 9 Personality Types, yet we contain all nine types within us.


The beauty I have discovered about the Enneagram is its ability, as a spiritual tool, in opening the portal

to Mystery, to discovering who we are, to Grace, to Presence and Real Transformation. It’s a vehicle that

lovingly Holds our Saint and our Shadow sides, our Passions and our Virtues. The Enneagram invites us

on a Journey of Holy Wholeness by helping us notice our habitual patterns, waking us to our True Self,

so we may be more Present in each Moment.

-Cheri Roth


Cheri has completed Part I of the Enneagram Professional Training Program of the Enneagram Institute.


Spiritual Direction with the Enneagram Sessions

Time and Price Offerings: see Spiritual Direction Sessions page. Click here to go to Spiritual Direction Sessions


Once an individual has a base knowledge of the Enneagram and has done some exploration into their Personality Type, whether with me, or from another; we can use different aspects of the Enneagram to frame a Spiritual Direction session.


I have found, for myself and others who have been willing to venture into looking at themselves

honestly, it is one of the best Spiritual Direction tools. It really holds the mirror for the Directee to

see themselves more clearly. Some of the work is painful, but the transformation is beautiful!!! I

can attest to this personally!!

-Cheri Roth



Enneagram Workshops

Cheri occasionally offers workshops based on the Enneagram.

To view the latest being offered through Spiritual Entry click on Calendar for more information.




If you are looking for a contemplative centered workshop or retreat focused around the Enneagram for your organization, Cheri can design and lead a program customized to fit the needs of your group. Please call Cheri at 717-701-2003 or email her at






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