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About Spiritual Entry


  Spiritual Entry is Cheri Roth's practice     focusing on Guiding the Mind, Body,

  and Spirit to "Come to Quiet".


  Cheri is a Reiki Master Teacher,  

  Spiritual Director, and Retreat Leader,   Specializing in Grief Work.


   ** Her practice is now located North of Versailles,

        Ohio, but is limited to online sessions only at

       this time.

Cheri's goal for her practice is to offer creative spaces as a Spiritual Entryway into healing and wholeness for others.


She is insured through Hands On Trade Association.



Payments Accepted:

* Mailed Check or Online Payment

* Gift Certificates are also available








She is available for the following online sessions: 


* Spiritual Direction

* Grief Work or the Enneagram (used to frame a session)

* Distant Reiki

* Combination Sessions

*DISCOUNT* available for those who schedule regular Reiki,

Spiritual Direction, or Combination sessions on a monthly basis.

     ** If you would like to schedule a session or for more information on any

         offerings please contact Cheri at or call her at 


Schedule a monthly Reiki, Spiritual Direction, or Combination Session and receive $15 - 25 OFF each session. First, or initial, session will be at the regular price. To receive the discount you must schedule your next monthly appointment at each session.


      Discount applies as follows:


60 minutes          $65                                   $50

90 minutes          $95                                   $80               

120 minutes      $125                                $100



About Cheri

Reiki Master Teacher

Cheri is a Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui System of Natural Healing. She teaches Reiki more from a Contemplative approach and feels it is important to guide others to develop their own style. 

Cheri Roth is a Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui System of Natural Healing. She teaches Reiki more from a Contemplative approach and feels it is important to guide others to develop their own style. She discovered Reiki when her late husband, a pastor, was diagnosed with a brain tumor and continued her studies in Reiki after his death.

“Reiki, along with Contemplative Practices, has reawakened my lifelong deepest desire to pray for others from a Sacred Space of Holding them in the Light and Letting Go of controlling the outcome!”- Cheri Roth



Cheri is available for:

  • Reiki sessions and Reiki/Spiritual Direction sessions

  • Teaches all Levels of Reiki individually or in groups of 2 or 3 by appointment

  • Holds monthly Reiki Shares for giving people Sacred Space to practice paying attention to their Intuition [noticing Holy Nudges].

  • To create and lead workshops in helping others understanding Reiki and how it can fit into a person’s belief system.


If you would like to schedule a Reiki session, Reiki training or workshop, or come to a Reiki Share, please contact    Cheri at

Spiritual Director

Cheri is a Spiritual Director trained through the following Oasis Ministries for Spiritual Development programs:


  • Spiritual Direction for Spiritual Guides (2 year program) 

  • Deepening Year for Directional Ministries

  • Contemplative Living: The Spirituality of Daily Life

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Retreat & Workshop Leader

Cheri is also a Retreat Leader trained through the Oasis Ministries for Spiritual Development program, Leading Contemplative Gatherings.

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Specializing in Grief Work

Cheri is trained by The Grief Recovery Institute® as a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® and has taken a course at Lancaster Theological Seminary, Ministry with the Bereaved, the Dying and Their Families.

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Enneagram Work

Cheri is trained by the Enneagram Institute Part I.

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Integrative Reflexology

Cheri has recently been trained in Integrative Reflexology, a system designed by Claire Marie Miller. She plans to incorporate a very light touch version of Integrative Reflexology into her practice with ½ hour sessions that can stand alone or be added in combination to a Reiki or a Reiki/Spiritual Direction session.

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Native Flute Lessons

Cheri teaches individual native flute lessons.

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Entry Drawing

Drawing by Cheri Roth

About the Entry Drawing


Life is a Journey on which there are many twists and turns, blessings and joys, losses and sorrows. 


The drawing of the word ENTRY, with a tree enfolding it, was done while I was in Scotland, healing after the death of my late husband in 2007.

From this I have gleaned many analogies for life, bringing healing and wholeness to myself and others.


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Satori Sage Designs

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