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Reiki Master Teacher 


Cheri Roth is a Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui System of Natural Healing. She teaches Reiki more from a Contemplative approach and feels it is important to guide others to develop their own style. She discovered Reiki when her late husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor and continued her studies in Reiki after his death.


She helps students to see how Reiki fits in with their belief system and how to hold sacred space for others. In her teaching; she focuses on learning how to do our own interior work, how to notice when we may be taking on or trying to fix others issues, how to trust our own intuition, and how we might pay attention to the nudges of the Holy. 

Reiki is a Japanese term for God/Universal life giving energy. It was created as a healing/alternative modality. There are many forms and styles of Reiki available today. Each Reiki Practitioner, Reiki Master, or Reiki Master/Teacher practices/teaches Reiki in different styles and may add their own personal touches.  Reiki is not a religion but a method/technique. Each person will need to explore what style of Reiki speaks to them.


To Cheri, Reiki is a prayer method/technique, which she finds answers a call within her soul. She sees herself as an instrument – a conduit for God/Universal Energy to work through her for another person as she holds them in sacred space; whether in a hands on session or in sending Reiki Prayer to another; guiding their mind, body, and spirit to come into a quiet restful state.

“Reiki, along with Contemplative Practices, has reawakened my lifelong deepest desire to pray for others from a Sacred Space of Holding them in the Light and Letting Go of controlling the outcome!”- Cheri Roth



Want to learn more about Reiki? If you are interested in Reiki Training, Reiki Shares, or creating a workshop please contact Cheri at or (717) 701-2003.


Reiki Shares

If you are interested in participating in an occasional Reiki Share please email Cheri at


Reiki Level I

Price: $250

  • This is a full day event, generally from 10:00am until 5:00pm with a light lunch included

  • Learning about Reiki and its history

  • Learning and practicing basic hand positions

  • A Reiki session followed by an Attunement

  • Intention of Reiki Level I: Learning how to give hands on Reiki treatments and opening yourself in "letting go" so you can heal and LOVE yourself.



Reiki Level II

Price: $250

  • Prerequisite: Reiki Level I Training (with several months in between levels)

  • This is a full day event, generally from 10:00am until 5:00pm with a light lunch included

  • Learning about Reiki symbols and practice symbols

  • Expanding and deepening the energy

  • Another Reiki session followed by an Attunement

  • Learning and practicing Reiki - sending it at a distance, a form of intercessory prayer

  • Intention of Reiki Level II: We bring the intention of Level I to a deeper level in using the symbols in your Hands on Reiki and bringing this intention into your Distant Reiki - Distant Healing.



Reiki Level III or Master Level

Price: $450

  • Prerequisite already have had Reiki Level I and II Training (After allowing yourself ample time to practice and live into a Reiki lifestyle. We will discern together to see if the time is right for you to begin this intensive training).

  • When you've completed your work at this level you will be able to start your own Reiki Practice (In the state of Pennsylvania - other states may vary due to other requirements by law.)

  • NOTE: It is best to purchase a table by this point and to set aside a room for you to "practice" in with your volunteer clients.

  • NOTE ALSO: This level takes several months to complete.

  • What to Expect

    • There is an initial full day class where we review and practice both hands on and distant Reiki treatments; go over the basics of what is expected; begin to develop and set your intention for your practice of Reiki

      During the next few months, post class, you will begin practicing with your volunteers

      - Setting up to "practice" Reiki Sessions with at least 20 - 25 volunteers (getting their feedback). You and 10 of the volunteers will need to journal on the experience.

      Once the practice part is completed, we will end the training with another full day class where we go over everything, prayerfully explore your intention and how this is developing for you, practice the attunement, and deal more fully with the nuts and bolts of starting your own Reiki practice.

  • The basics that are covered:

    • Expanding/deepening the energy

      Another Reiki session followed by an Attunement

      Learn 2 more Reiki symbols / practice symbols

      Looking at guidelines to start your own practice

      Learning/practicing Reiki Attunement

    • - Learning how to do an attunement, helps to inform you as you move into and work at Level III or Master Level. (Note: You will not actually be doing attunements in your future Reiki Practice - this is done at the Master Teacher Level, then the attunements are done with the student as they are trained to each level.)

  • You may only want to take this level to open yourself to a deeper level in your prayer life or you may feel called to start your own Reiki Practice.

  • Intention of Reiki Level III: To begin your own Reiki Practice and learning to bring your previous intentions from Levels I and II to an even deeper level of healing and loving for yourself and those you pray over and for all creation.



Reiki Level IV or Master Teacher Level

Price: $800

In Level III, we explore how we can be a conduit of healing for all creation in our prayer life. When you’ve completed your work at Level III you will be able to start your own Reiki Practice.

If there is a calling in you to also teach Reiki and pass on Attunements this is covered in Level lV or Master/Teacher Level which consists of working with/apprenticing under a Reiki Master for a while.


Reiki Workshops

Cheri can create and lead workshops in helping others understanding Reiki and how it

can fit into a person’s belief system.

Reiki Training

Photograph by Cheri Roth

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