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What is Reiki?


Reiki is a Japanese term for God/Universal life giving energy. It was created as a healing/alternative modality. There are many forms and styles of Reiki available today. Each Reiki Practitioner, Reiki Master, or Reiki Master/Teacher practices/teaches Reiki in different styles and may add their own personal touches.  Reiki is not a religion but a method/technique. Each person will need to explore what style of Reiki speaks to them.


Cheri Roth, as a Reiki Master/Teacher, practices and teaches Reiki from a contemplative approach. Her sessions are often a combination of hands on or above the body (depending on comfort level of client), with a light touch and gentle rocking movement. There may be some guided meditation, contemplative practices/prayer, and/or deepening questions asked to help the client listen below the noise of their life. If so led, the Reiki session could also focus around Grief Work. Most of the session is done is silence.


To Cheri, Reiki is a prayer method/technique, which she finds answers a call within her soul. She sees herself as an instrument – a conduit for God/Universal Energy to work through her for another person as she holds them in sacred space; whether in a hands on session or in sending Reiki Prayer to another; guiding their mind, body, and spirit to come into a quiet restful state.


Cheri also teaches Reiki more from a contemplative approach and feels it is important to guide others to develop their own style. She helps students to see how Reiki fits in with their belief system and how to hold sacred space for others. In her teaching; she focuses on learning how to do our own interior work, how to notice when we may be taking on or trying to fix others issues, how to trust our own intuition, and how we might pay attention to the nudges of the Holy.




Some things to keep in mind:


  • Treatments/Sessions are done with clothes on.

  • Shoes usually come off, but socks can stay on.

  • Where comfortable clothing. 

  • A lot of people doze or move into a very relaxed state during a session                                                

                    and afterwards have a general feeling of wellbeing.

  • For your own benefit, it is best to make sure you schedule your appointment                                         when you have free time, thus giving yourself the gift of rest and rejuvenation.

  • Reiki can “work on” a specific area, but in reality it is working on the “WHOLE BEING”

    (mind, body, and spirit).

  • Reiki should not be seen as a “quick fix” rather it helps us in letting go and opening

                    to God’s/Universal Energy’s healing, in all forms. Thus, Reiki can even aid someone

                    in the dying process to come to wholeness.





Note: Adding to a Reiki Session


If looking to enhance the experience, Spiritual Direction and/or

Integrative Reflexology could also be added as a part of the Reiki session.


Photograph by Cheri Roth

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