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Cheri offers individual flute lessons for anyone interested in learning to play a Native Flute as a meditational practice; playing from heart not particular music notes.


Cost:  $10 for half hour

Supplies: bring your own Native Flute


Playing a flute can be a very meditative practice, both in creating the music and in using your breath!! If you have been looking at getting a flute but have been putting it off, here's a catalyst!


If you need some suggestions on where* or what to buy or to set up lessons, feel free to contact Cheri at 717-701-2003 or at


*Here is a link to High Spirit’s website: She has six of their flutes, several that they recommend for beginners. They are geared to getting people started on the rich experience of playing a Native Flute. Please note: a pretty or cheap flute does not always mean it plays well; it needs to be calibrated correctly.







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